The Generosity GenieTM
Cultural Exchange Program

Our purpose is to create an open and friendly forum for the worlds children to share ideas, culture and information between the United States and abroad. We are committed to opening the minds of children instilling the values of generosity, peace and acceptance for all.

The children would be involved in the Generosity Genie Project - a process of creating or granting a wish for the others' community. The Project teaches children the value and joy of helping other children and the feelings, triumphs and challenges of working together to make a difference in a community or persons life. The requirements for participation are committing to writing your pen pal and to share your ideas and cultures. The head master will read and approve all correspondence before sending.

Every month or so, you would be given a specific question to answer and respond with your given pen pal. These questions would be about your country, community, geography, climate, family life, celebrations, holidays, food, sports, fashion, music, future dreams, career possibilities and people you admire, aspire to be like and why.

These letters would take one year to complete and during this time we would begin to work on the Generosity Genie Project.

A special surprise will be revealed at the end of the project for each team. The goal is to develop life long friendships in other countries. We are happy to be working with Boys & Girls Club of San Diego, to share their dreams and future possibilities. Our first exchange is between the Santa Elena Jaguar Scouts of Belize, Central America and Boys & Girls Club of San Diego, CA.

"For it is in giving that we receive." - St. Francis of Assisi